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About Pure Water

Simply put, Pure Water is ordinary water but with all the impurities removed.

Typically in our area the water is very hard, it contains many minerals and metals, often in excess of 300 parts per million of diluted solids. If this water is allowed to dry on a surface, the water will evaporate but the minerals in the water will remain and can be seen as a white residue.

Water is slowly forced through a series of five filters until there are zero diluted solids, this is now Pure Water.

Why is this system better than traditional window cleaning methods?

Traditional window cleaning leaves behind detergent residue, which attracts fresh dirt back to the glass.

Pure Water leaves windows that are clean and sterile. Because no detergents or chemicals are used, there can be no white residue left on the dry glass. Also windows do not soil as quickly as there is no detergent residue to attract the dirt and the windows stay cleaner for longer.

When pure water is used for window cleaning the impurities on the glass are held in the water, the pure water acts like a sponge to the dirt. The glass is then given a final rinse to leave the glass totally sterile. (NB Initial cleans may leave some spotting)

Why is this?

Pure water not only cleans away the dirt from the windows surface, but it will try and dissolve all the hidden dirt from the joints and gaps. After the windows have been cleaned for the first couple of times, the pure water may continue to find and dissolve any hidden dirt, if this happens this will contaminate the water causing it to dry with spots. After the first couple of cleans any hidden dirt will have been dissolved.

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