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Health and Safety

At The Pure Water Window Cleaning Company we take health & safety issues seriously, which is the key reason for choosing to use water fed poles rather than ladders

         According to the HSE there were:
  • 1226 major injuries caused by ladder falls

  • 30% of these were from falls of less than 2 metres

  • On average there are 14 fatalities per year

In recent years this has made buying all the correct liability insurances very expensive and has made operating ladders problematic.

Water fed poles are the safest way of cleaning windows ever developed. There is no need for expensive cherry pickers, abseiling, expensive to maintain cradles, eyebolts, dangerous ladders etc.

The water fed pole system can reach up to 70ft with the operator staying firmly on the ground. There is absolutely no risk of falling from height. The water fed pole system is ideal for cleaning: windows, cladding, frames, and facades especially useful when buildings are surrounded by soft landscaping i.e. lawns.

The glass is first washed then rinsed off with 100% pure water. The glass dries spotless and sparkling.

All this takes place with the operative’s feet firmly on the ground alleviating you from safety worries.


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